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Innovator, tinkerer and all around super-smart developer, Tim has a passion for mobile and web performance, front-end optimization, and developer operations. Tim enjoys being a translator between technologists and other teams on the project, and speaks the language of design, business, and editorial concerns well, explaining tech to them and them to tech.

Prior to joining Phase2, Tim worked with Treehouse Agency, Lifetime Television, Disney Internet Group, and His very first web development job was working the Miss America Pageant for ABC in 1998, followed by leading the front-end development efforts on in 1999, which was a great growth experience.

Tim graduated from Cornell University with degrees in Music and Linguistics, which of course naturally led to a career in web development. Tim fills his free time with endurance road bicycling, scuba diving, and reading tech news with his two cats piled on top of him. He also likes baking pies and making techno.

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