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Nicole Lind

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A 14-year veteran of the internet industry, Nicole Lind is the Group Vice President for Phase2. In this role, she applies her expertise across a spectrum of operations and people management areas including business process “re-engineering”; project, product, and program management; team building; and client support. She is driven by a desire to infuse excellence and passion into every aspect of her work, consistently seeking out new opportunities and approaches to doing so.
Prior to joining Phase2, Nicole was a SVP for Treehouse Agency. Nicole’s previous work also included VP-level roles with Mansueto Ventures and Oxygen Media, and spearheading the migration of Lifetime Television’s flasgship site to the Drupal platform. Her pre-internet work was in education and non-profit.

Nicole holds a BA degree in Psychology from New York University. Hailing from Nyack, NY, Nicole enjoys cooking and decorating in her free time. She also loves being a mom to her 2 wonderful grown children and 3 animals (a siamese cat, german shepherd, and dog de bordeaux).

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Nicole Lind


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