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Mark Louis Kausch is a graduate of the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University and St. Olaf College. His work as a content manager for Public Radio International focuses on strategic partnerships with content creators across the United States including KCRW/Santa Monica, Minnesota Public Radio, Symphony Space/New York and WGBH/Boston. He also serves the Twin Cities region as an educator, teaching string bass, viola da gamba and string pedagogy at Bethel University, Augsburg University, Hamline University and the College of St. Benedict-St. John’s University (“CSB-SJU”). As a performer his work has included concerts with the Hanover Band of London, the Smithsonian Chamber Orchestra, the Lyra Baroque Orchestra, (for which he also served for seven years as executive director), the Minnesota Opera, faculty ensembles at Bethel University and CSB-SJU, the Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra and Vocal Essence.

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