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Since 2002, developed a full service graphic production business/agency providing professional and affordable creative graphics services for presentations, print, video and web. During this time partnered with other professionals in the industry to provide extended services for my clients. Provided design direction, maintained client relationships and managed all sales efforts.

Additionally, I am an Alliance member/developer with Advantage Labs ( ). This association provides me the use of their weekly lab hours and support service to work through any Drupal problems/issues that I deem necessary.

I am active in the Twin Cities Drupal community – attending and presenting at monthly meetings for the Twin Cities Drupal user group. I attended the March 2011 Chicago Drupalcon and was a volunteer and sponsor of the Twin Cities 2011 Drupal Camp. I started (2008) and currently co-chair the Twin Cities Ubercart/Drupal Commerce user group, a group built onlearning and enhancing user experience with Drupal’s ecommerce modules. Additionally, I am a past president of the TwinCities Web Professionals group.

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