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X All the Things: Enterprise Content Management

Saturday, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Site Building
Experience Level: 

What do you do when you need all content changes to run through workflow? Not just nodes... ALL THE THINGS!

What about translating all the things? Or maintaining revisions for all the things? Or making all the things use a common template system? When usually nodes get all the attention, how do you provide this kind of control across all the things on your Drupal site?

Come see a case study about how Phase2 met these challenges for a consumer products company. We will discuss the platform architecture for managing sites for multiple brands in multiple markets and languages, and the site components for providing control over all aspects of all page content.

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Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 
  • Discuss a platform architecture that accommodates multiple regions/languages within sets of Drupal sites
  • Discuss outside-the-box approaches for making all public-facing content subject to an editorial workflow and able to be translated
  • Discuss an approach for providing layout solutions that are highly flexible for advanced content editors

This presentation is formatted like a case study, where solutions are presented to a number of complex challenges.

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