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Intro to Content Types

Friday, 2:15pm - 3:15pm
Getting Started
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The web today is not about "pages" anymore. It's about discrete pieces of content and how they're organized both on your site and off. If you're building or maintaining a Drupal site it's important to understand how content is structured in Drupal to ensure you're prepared for the myriad of displays and data uses.

Basically, Drupal site structure can be distilled down to 3 concepts:

  • Types of content
  • Custom fields
  • Lists of content

In this session we'll tackle the first 2. We'll explain Drupal's content types and fields and put it all into context by touching upon how this relates not just to your Drupal website but also your overall content strategy in our post-page web data world.

This introductory session is designed for people new to Drupal or those needing a primer on the basics of Drupal content construction. No Drupal or other expertise is needed or expected. This session is intended to be a great companion to the Introduction to Views session (which tackles concept 3 -- lists of content) and Jeff Eaton's keynote.

Collaborative notes link:

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 
  • Explain the concept of content types and custom fields
  • Show how to build content types and add custom fields
  • Discuss the strategy for defining content types and choosing fields
  • Discuss how this relates to content display onsite and off

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