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How To Be A Self-Rescuing Princess: Troubleshooting 101

Saturday, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Site Building
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The day everyone dreads is The Day You Break It. The site is down, your boss is on the phone, and you've got to get it fixed -- five minutes ago. How do you start fixing the problem when you don't even know what the problem IS yet? Where do you look? What do you check for? How do you set right what once went wrong?

Hear real troubleshooting tips from a person who spent years in the trenches as a solo developer and a Drupal support staffer. Amy learned the hard way how to save herself from her own messes while spending five years as a solo developer for a non-profit. She joined Acquia's support team in 2011, successfully closed over 1500 Drupal support tickets, and now trains all incoming support staffers who join her team.

This session is appropriate for: newcomers to Drupal, anyone in a small team who needs some extra diagnostic confidence, and anyone who needs help better communicating site problems to developers.

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Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

Learn some of the common problems seen on a Drupal site.
Learn how to explain the scope of a problem.
Learn basic troubleshooting checks to help you solve Drupal site issues.
Learn tips for preventing future problems.

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