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Closing Session: Drupal after DrupalCamp

Saturday, 3:45pm - 4:45pm

Don't leave just yet!

You've had a great time at DrupalCamp, learned a lot, and met some talented and friendly people. You want to continue to be involved with Drupal community. But, you might feel unsure of your next steps because:

  • you aren't a coder and everyone keeps talking about code, 
  • you are a coder but you don't know how to get connected with people who are working on Drupal initiatives, or 
  • you've heard about the local meetups but don't know what to expect from them.

We asked people with different backgrounds to talk about how they started working with the Drupal community. Panel participants include: Chris Weber (cosmicdreams), Cathy Theys (YesCT), Joe Shindelar (eojthebrave), Tim Erickson (stpaultim), and Jen Lampton (jenlampton). Emma Jane Westby (emmajane) will serve as the moderator for the discussion.

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