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The Business of Drupal

Friday, 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Drupal Means Business
Experience Level: 

Drupal is a Framework and Drupal is a Community. If you use Drupal to help others, Drupal is also a Business for you - which can involve a whole different set of responsibilities and skills. Whether you're working with your Aunt, the Marketing Department at your organization or the United Nations, doing Drupal for other people adds a new dimension to what you need to do in order to succeed.

Collaborative notes link:

Tim Erickson
Todd Nienkerk
Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

We'll start by giving lessons learned on specific Sales, Operations, Team Building, and Community Involvement questions, but we hope to transition to audience questions as quickly as possible. Questions we expect to answer include:

•Where/how do you find your best clients?
•What makes a good client?
•Knowing when to say no (it will save your business)

•How should I charge for my services?
•How do you provide accurate estimates of time and effort?
•How do you handle it when your estimates turn out to be wrong?

•Telecommute? Not? Why? Best practices?
•Where and how do you find good people?
•How do you train team members?

•Contributing back to Drupal - does it matter?
•Managing contributions - how do you budget/allocate time, etc?

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