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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Site Building — for Designers*

Friday, 2:15pm - 3:15pm
Getting Started
Experience Level: 

You're a graphic designer. You've built many static websites over the years. You've dabbled a bit in an "easier" CMS. You probably know html, css, and a little js. But now you're ready to build sites with Drupal.

Where do you even begin?
How can you take what you already know and make it work for you?

I was in this position just a few years ago. I fumbled around a bit, but soon figured out how to wrap my head around it. I'd now like to help those with similar backgrounds shave a few months off their learning curve.

*or other interested parties

Collaborative notes link:

Link to slides:

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

• See how the Drupal "big picture" can be broken down into digestible categories for beginners
• Determine which decisions should be made at which time
• Explore must-have modules for site building
• Develop a basic go-to module set that works for you

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