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Proposed Sessions

The majority of content at the camp is made up of sessions proposed by the attendees. In previous years, we’ve had sessions about everything from designing for content managements systems to the intricate details of Drupal’s Form API. Session submission ended Sunday, June 9th
Update: We've just started the process of accepting sessions and finalizing our schedule. More sessions will be moved from 'Proposed' to 'Accepted' over the coming days.

Title Speakers

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Site Building — for Designers*

You're a graphic designer. You've built many static websites over the years. You've dabbled a bit in an "easier" CMS. You probably know html, css, and a little js.

Accessible in 8

How accessible is Drupal 8? How do we take our content editing experience from "compliant" to "delightful" for our users with disabilities?

An Intro to Entity API

Entities were introduced in Drupal 7 as a way of taking the things that people loved about nodes + CCK in Drupal 6 and applying them to other types of data like users, comments, and taxonomy terms.

Become a Better Designer with Side Projects

It's been my experience that side projects have the ability to elevate designer, developers and more to a different level.

Breaking the Drupal Lens aka Saying "No" to Drupal aka When Not to Use Drupal

As Drupal developers, builders, users, and more, its hard to see outside the Drupal Lens, especially with such a big, vibrant community.

Build BEANS, not Nodes

This session will explore the BEAN module, a module that turns blocks into entities with fields.

Build Components not Pages

This session will be an introduction to an emerging technology, Web Components.

Choose This, Not That: Six Early Choices that can make YOU an Accessibility Rockstar

The most common accessibility problems that are found "at the end" of a project could have easily been prevented from the beginning, saving you time and budget.

Catharine McNally
Closing Session: Drupal after DrupalCamp

Don't leave just yet!

Code Review: All the cool kids are doin’ it!

In this session, we'll look at the process of patch review from start to finish, discussing strategies to maximize learning opportunities, touching on why some patches are harder to review than oth

Consultancy Scrum: Making agile work for clients and vendors

Scrum and other agile methodologies were created by organizations to manage and develop their own products using their own resources. As a result, they're inward-facing.

Todd Nienkerk
Content Infrastructure: Lessons from Media, Government, and Education

You don't know how and where your content will be used in a networked world. Setting yourself up for success involves making good decisions about your content infrastructure.

mtift, dgorton
Conversions: A Web Designer’s Best Friend

This interactive presentation focuses on the most important aspect of any site you build - conversions.

Crash Course in Contributing to Drupal

Drupal allows you to build massive new websites, customized to just your needs. And best of all, it's free! But how do you "pay back" all that Drupal has given you?

CTools Plugin Haikus

This session explains / CTools plugins through haiku. / The complex made clear.

Current state of Media and File entity 2.x

Dave will give an update on the progress of the 2.x branches of the Media and File entity modules, what features are new from 1.x, how to configure the modules to work together, and how you can hel

Dave Reid
Down 'n Dirty Debugging

Debugging isn't just what happens during QA. It's a key part of an efficient coding process.

Drupal & SEO: What Matters Most

A quick but effective overview of what you can do to apply SEO best practices to your Drupal website. Presented by members of the Internet Marketing & SEO team at August Ash.

TimKarlberg, americkson
Drupal 8: Bread and Butter tasks

In this talk we'll review the daily Drupal developer tasks and talk about how to do them in Drupal 8:

Drupal 8: What You Need to Know

This session will provide a high-level overview of the most important things to know about Drupal 8, including information about the key initiatives: Configuration Management, HTML5, Layouts, Mobil

Drupal as a Service: The Architecture of NodeSquirrel

NodeSquirrel is a cloud Backup service for Drupal. It is built using Drupal and a combination of contributed and custom modules. In NodeSquirrel, Drupal powers:

Drupal Development on your (Android) Tablet

This session describes several strategies to leverage your tablet device in order to develop Drupal. Topics include:
-Why (and why not) develop on a tablet?

Drupal DevOps Toolbelt and Best Practices

What's the best way to deploy code? How the heck do you push database changes? Development, staging, testing, production... oh my!

ivan.stegic, capturejack
Drupal Multisite

Drupal Multisite seems to be a topic that strikes fear into the hearts of some experienced Drupal users; it shouldn't!

Curt Trout
DRY out your theme code with SASS and Compass

For many years, front end developers have lamented the fact that we repeat ourselves constantly, writing lines and lines just to get at specific elements or address browser quirks with proprietary

Get started on the right foot: Steps you should take before rebuilding your website.

A web presence for an organization is a critical channel of communication and spending the time and money to do it is a big commitment. Doesn’t it make sense to get started on the right foot?

Hosting Drupal - How Do I Decide?

Lots of effort goes into building Drupal sites, but once they're built, the developer or owner of the site is faced with the issue of "where do I host it?" This isn't a simple decision, and can we

Steve Hanson
How To Be A Self-Rescuing Princess: Troubleshooting 101

The day everyone dreads is The Day You Break It. The site is down, your boss is on the phone, and you've got to get it fixed -- five minutes ago.

How to Sell Drupal Up the Chain: Lessons for in-House Staff

This is the tale of an uphill battle and some lessons I learned along the way.

Intro to Content Types

The web today is not about "pages" anymore. It's about discrete pieces of content and how they're organized both on your site and off.

Intro to Views

You've got your Drupal site up and running. You've created content types with custom fields. But now how do you display your awesome content the way you want?

Introduction to Objects in PHP

Be prepared for Drupal 8 by learning about basic object oriented programming concepts.



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