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Schulze Hall Auditorium -- Advantage Labs

capacity 300

Intro to Views

You've got your Drupal site up and running. You've created content types with custom fields. But now how do you display your awesome content the way you want? Views is a Drupal module that allows you to slice and dice content, displaying it in new and custom ways!

In this introductory session, we follow up what we've learned in Intro to Content Types and:

Intro to Content Types

The web today is not about "pages" anymore. It's about discrete pieces of content and how they're organized both on your site and off. If you're building or maintaining a Drupal site it's important to understand how content is structured in Drupal to ensure you're prepared for the myriad of displays and data uses.

Basically, Drupal site structure can be distilled down to 3 concepts:

Choose This, Not That: Six Early Choices that can make YOU an Accessibility Rockstar

The most common accessibility problems that are found "at the end" of a project could have easily been prevented from the beginning, saving you time and budget. This session covers the most significant development elements of accessibility that will lay a solid foundation for accessible website development. Whether you're a developer, project manager, or a UX designer, you'll walk away from this session with a solid understanding (and instruction) on how to answer the following accessibility questions:

Where’s my Drupal-to-English phrasebook?: Understanding Drupal’s Jargon

If you’re getting started with Drupal, you’ve probably been told that Drupal is a wonderfully flexible system that will do great things for your website and for your users. And if you’re getting started with Drupal, you’ve probably run into a whole lot of really obtuse terminology.

Drupal’s flexibility comes with a really steep learning curve, and much of that steepness comes from Drupal’s seemingly impenetrable jargon. This talk aims to ease the transition by introducing basic Drupal and web development concepts in plain English.

DRY out your theme code with SASS and Compass

For many years, front end developers have lamented the fact that we repeat ourselves constantly, writing lines and lines just to get at specific elements or address browser quirks with proprietary extensions. With the advent of CSS preprocessors like LESS and SASS (and additional CSS frameworks like Compass and Bourbon), we are writing much leaner, DRYer* code.

In this session, I'll talk about:

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