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#321 Law School -- Electric Citizen

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Site Building — for Designers*

You're a graphic designer. You've built many static websites over the years. You've dabbled a bit in an "easier" CMS. You probably know html, css, and a little js. But now you're ready to build sites with Drupal.

Where do you even begin?
How can you take what you already know and make it work for you?

I was in this position just a few years ago. I fumbled around a bit, but soon figured out how to wrap my head around it. I'd now like to help those with similar backgrounds shave a few months off their learning curve.

*or other interested parties

Responsive Images and Drupal

One of the challenges posed by fluid, responsive designs is how to provide quality images that download quickly. We’ll look at the challenges at finding a good solution, and the problems with some of the solutions available.

The primary solution we will look at is the proposed picture element, which allows us to provide several images at various sizes and resolutions, with the appropriate image selected with media queries.

No CSS Needed: A Sitebuilders' Guide to Theming

How can I make a good-looking Drupal site if I don't know CSS?

We'll take a brief look at Drupal's theme structure, a few of the most popular themes, and how to customize a contributed theme safely. Then, we'll look at modules and other tools and tricks to beautify your Drupal site without writing any CSS.

This session is aimed at fledgling Drupal sitebuilders and themers looking to save time and money on client projects.

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Drupal 8: What You Need to Know

This session will provide a high-level overview of the most important things to know about Drupal 8, including information about the key initiatives: Configuration Management, HTML5, Layouts, Mobile, Multilingual, Views in Core, and Web Services.

As of July 1, we have now entered Drupal 8's polish phase -- the home stretch of Drupal 8 development where we will focus on fixing bugs and moving Drupal 8 toward the first release candidate later this year.

Responsive Design: Out of the Box and Down the Rabbit Hole

You know responsive design, or you've heard of it. And you may have heard tale of the "out of the box" responsive design offered by many Drupal starter themes. But the more you explore Responsive Design, the deeper the rabbit hole goes. If this is truly a solution for all mobile devices, then it has to go beyond having grids that squish and stretch.

Join me as we explore all the wrinkles of Responsive Design, all the options to consider, and where the future is headed.

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