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#235 Law School -- Gorton Studios

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The Business of Drupal

Drupal is a Framework and Drupal is a Community. If you use Drupal to help others, Drupal is also a Business for you - which can involve a whole different set of responsibilities and skills. Whether you're working with your Aunt, the Marketing Department at your organization or the United Nations, doing Drupal for other people adds a new dimension to what you need to do in order to succeed.

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Large Drupal Projects: Blessing or Burden?

Drupal in the last couple of years has grown up. It has been chosen, built, and deployed by some of the largest companies and corporations in the world. This maturation has brought a whole new set of problems for Drupal. More often than not, enterprise Drupal projects rely on multiple 3rd party integrations, huge data migration requirements, adept risk management, high expectations of the editorial and administrative experience, and ill-defined QA and launch requirements.

Get started on the right foot: Steps you should take before rebuilding your website.

A web presence for an organization is a critical channel of communication and spending the time and money to do it is a big commitment. Doesn’t it make sense to get started on the right foot?

During this session I will be sharing with you some steps you can take long before you start planning and designing your site.

Drupal & SEO: What Matters Most

A quick but effective overview of what you can do to apply SEO best practices to your Drupal website. Presented by members of the Internet Marketing & SEO team at August Ash.

SEO Basics
-Role of keywords & how/where to use them
-Importance of content
-Importance of navigation
-The importance of analytics
-Footer links done right

Keep SEO Strong Without Compromising Design
-Highlights case study

No RFPS! Why RFPs are bad for business (and how we can stop them)

If finding the perfect client or vendor is a bit like dating, then the RFP system is like online dating — the worst kind, too. We search for "Drupal," get a long list of fuzzy pictures, dry statistics, cliche interests (long walks on the beach, higher conversion rates), and vague specifications. Using this (sometimes misleading) information, we have to show up for our first rendezvous ready to commit to a year-long relationship. Is this true love or a marriage of convenience? Will we find out months later that we don't actually like each other?

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