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Sprint Initiative: Drupal 8 Accessibility

The Twin Cities Drupal Camp team is thrilled to announce the addition of another Drupal core development sprint. We will conduct a series of accessibility evaluations on Drupal 8 with the help of University of Minnesota Computer Accommodations Program (CAP) team in order to help make Drupal 8 the most accessible and delightful release ever for our users with disabilities.

This sprint will be lead by Dharmesh Mistry and Jesse Beach and is sponsored by Phase 2 and Acquia.

Results of a pre-camp accessibility sprint will be reported at the camp and accessibility-related events are planned for our July 21, Sunday of core sprints at The Nerdery.

Contributing Members of this sprint include:
Tonu Mikk - University of Minnesota Computer Accommodations
Program Philip Kragnes - University of Minnesota Computer Accommodations Program
Jesse Beach (jessebeach)
Dharmesh Mistry (dcmistry)
Kevin O'Leary (tkoleary)
Cathy (YesCT)
Andrea (ZenDoodles)
Catharine McNally (cmcnally)

More in the works! We are actively seeking other front-end developers and accessibility experts to help us make Drupal 8 accessible.

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