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How Drupal Will Change Social Collaboration Tools

Karen Borchert to speak at Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2013

Karen Borchert

Karen Borchert, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Phase 2, is a keynote speaker at Drupal Camp. Karen has a background in business, nonprofit, and product management. She oversaw Phase2's development of four distributions, including Open Atrium, Open Publish, and Open Public. 


The Open Road: Can social collaboration software break out of its locked box and go open source?

We ALL use social collaboration tools at work. From Dropbox to Yammer to Sharepoint to Alfresco -- we count on these tools to manage everything from our legal documents to our happy hours. The social collaboration space is booming; organizations have increasing need for intranets and sharing platforms that can scale at the speed of business. A lot of the current solutions require vendor lock-in and a limited set of features, which doesn't scale or change when our organizations do. That sounds like a job for Open Source, and Drupal in particular is putting forth some exciting solutions to this problem, promising to really throw the traditional players for a loop. Move over, Sharepoint. Open source is coming to town...and it's not taking no for an answer.



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