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(Both classes are FULL) Free training from Advantage Labs and Drupalize.Me

Both classes are full. If a space opens, we'll tweet it (@tcdrupal).

Advantage Labs and Drupalize.Me will be offering a full day of training for free on Thursday, July 18. This training is free for registered camp attendees. Learn more about the workshops and signup for one now, we expect seats for these to go fast.

FULL Beginning & Advanced Site Building video workshop - by Advantage Labs Mentored training is a radical departure from traditional workshops. There's no lecture time, and you will spend your day building an example site by following videos at your own pace. Experienced mentors are just a shout away, ready to answer your questions, work through sticky spots, or to help clarify new concepts.

FULL PSD to Theme - Drupalize.Me You've just been handed a gorgeous, static Photoshop file. By tomorrow it needs to be a flexible, extensible, and compatible Drupal theme for some Web site you've never seen. Oh and they said something about it needing to be responsive to 508 or something like that? *gulp* No worries!

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