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About DrupalCamp Twin Cities

2 day conference dedicated to Drupal!

Drupalcamp 2012

DrupalCamp Twin Cities is a 2 day conference, held annually in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. The "camp" is another word for an area conference (in Drupal-ese). Every DrupalCamp features several keynote speakers, 40+ sessions, code sprints, great parties, and lots of networking.

DrupalCamp Twin Cities is for open source enthusiasts, designers, hackers, geeks, developers, UI experts, IT managers and anyone else that wants to find out more about Drupal.

Since 2011

The 1st DrupalCamp Twin Cities was held in May, 2011, on the University of Minnesota conference, featuring a keynote by Angie Byron. Past site info can be found here:

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