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How to Get There

By car

Can’t argue with the convenience of driving. UST has a handy interactive campus map that includes a driving directions option. Choose the Minneapolis Map and search for Schulze Hall as your destination.

By public transportation

Save some money and go greener. The Metro Transit Hiawatha Line offers fast, quiet light-rail service from the airport to downtown Minneapolis. Dozens of bus routes are timed to connect with trains at Hiawatha Line stations, making it easy to get to Minneapolis hotels and other destinations. The University of St. Thomas campus is five blocks away from the Warehouse District light rail station and six blocks away from the Nicollet Mall light rail station.

By bike

Free, eco-friendly, and healthy—it’s a win-win-win! Minneapolis is in hot competition with Portland for Bicycling magazine’s rating as the nation’s #1 bike-friendly city. (Portland came out ahead in 2012, but we’ll take it back!) Reaching UST by bike is easy, and it’s worth taking the time to explore some of Twin Cities greenways. Coming from out of town without your bike? Don’t have your own bike? Nice Ride to the rescue!

If you’ve never been to the Twin Cities before, you should take the opportunity to explore Minneapolis’ skyways. Or maybe you need to get to UST from somewhere downtown and plan to use the skyways. Either way, here’s a handy site:



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